NC’s New Oyster Trail: 10 Delicious Reasons to Visit

Explore the North Carolina Oyster Trail — a celebration of the region’s oyster farms, oyster bars, gourmet markets, and more — and take a closer look at 10 must-visit stops along the way!

Eat Your Way Along the NC Oyster Trail

Along the Trail, you will find oyster farm tours; restaurants and markets that sell N.C. oysters; artists that make art with oyster shells; and aquariums, museums and educational centers where you can learn pretty much everything about my favorite North Carolina mollusk – you guessed it, the oyster.

Our Coast’s Food: 5 Easy Sauces for Oysters

No matter how you travel the NC Oyster Trail, you'll come away with one thing for certain: inspiration to cook your own oysters at home. These five recipes cover all the best ways to serve oysters.
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