Work begins on exhibit showing oyster-human connection

Construction began this spring on an interactive exhibit to educate the public on the importance of oysters at the North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island.

The myth of the ‘r-month’: Enjoying farmed oysters year-round

Thanks to oyster farms along the coast, people who live in North Carolina can enjoy them throughout the summer as well.

Art, Oysters, and More: 5 Ways to Experience Wilmington, North Carolina

Wilmington combines fascinating history, a lively food scene, and easy access to the outdoors—a perfect spot for a weekend getaway.

Oysters take center stage at Flying Machine’s WB restaurant, its beer to flow soon at ILM

Flying Machine Taproom, in Wrightsville Beach, is leaning more into its coastal roots as the restaurant transforms into an oyster bar.

The Shellfish Queen of Wrightsville Beach

During a day in the marsh with a professional oysterwoman, a Wilmington writer learns to stop worrying and love the briny flavor of fresh, wild oysters.

What Makes Green Gill Oysters Unique?

Green gill oysters aren't oysters that have gone bad; they're a rare find that's only available seasonally and can only be found in a couple of places in the world.

North Carolina Oyster Summit Set for May 9-10

The North Carolina Oyster Summit is a great event to learn more about the latest N.C. oyster research, management practices, and outreach.

The fisherfolk revival of North Carolina

North Carolina's oyster farmers are paving the way in making the shellfish a national dish and bringing in tourism.

Winter’s Bounty

Winter is the perfect season to enjoy both wild and cultivated N.C. oysters. Read more to learn some of the history of oysters in our culinary and literary world.

Food Tourism Satiates Hunger For Novelty

Epic Excursions offers trips to uninhabited barrier islands near Wrightsville Beach that also include an oyster farm tour and tasting experience.

Shell shock: North Carolina oyster farmers face pushback from critical beach property owners

Potential N.C. oyster farmers are hoping to land water leases and set up small farms, while homeowners and local lawmakers are fighting back with moratoriums. Current discourse threatens to halt a burgeoning industry flush with environmental benefits.

Raw, smoked or fried? The oyster industry is growing in North Carolina

Oysters have long been ubiquitous along the North Carolina coast. But the industry is changing as legislators and regulators in Raleigh make it easier for people to develop new oyster farms to supplement the state’s wild catch.
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