Shellebrate NC Oyster Month in October!

Join us each October as we “shellebrate” the history, culture, economy, and ecology of oysters in North Carolina!

Oysters play an important role in coastal communities. In the environment, oysters improve water quality and create habitat for other animals. Their unique flavor makes them a desirable dish, supporting the livelihoods of watermen and local economies across the state. Each October, the NC Oyster TrailNorth Carolina Sea Grant, the NC Coastal Federation, and the N.C. Department of Natural and Cultural Resources partner to bring you a full month of oyster facts, resources, and programming.

During NC Oyster Month on social media, share your love for our state’s shellfish using the hashtags #NCOysterMonth #NCOysters #GiveAShuck #KeepShuckin’.

NC Oyster Month Proclamation
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