13 Incredibly Cool Food Trails You Can Visit in the U.S.

Food & Wine shares some of the best gourmet food trails across the U.S. The NC Oyster Trail made the list!

A Sensational Seafood Tower: Your Cheat Sheet to a Surprisingly Attainable Luxury

Nothing says celebration like a seafood tower, and that classic extravagance is trending again just in time for your holiday party. Here’s your guide to all the gear, garnishes and gorgeous shellfish you’ll need to construct a proper show-stopper.

She Harvests Shellfish and Helps Protect Them

Ana Shellem has found peace and prosperity while searching for wild species off the North Carolina coast for her one-woman sustainable fishing company.

Seaview Crab Company Snags Statewide Award

Seaview Crab Company was one of four businesses recognized in Business North Carolina's annual Small Businesses of the Year awards.

Your guide to N.C. oysters, from the salty sea to the half-shell

Oysters are big in the state and poised to become even bigger. With that in mind, here’s a look some of the basics about N.C. oysters. 

The Best Oysters To Eat in Raleigh, NC

Local chefs share their "pearls of wisdom" about what oysters to look out for around the City of Oaks.

The South’s Oyster Trails Are Drawing Hungry Crowds

Oyster trails, a new leg of culinary travel, invite visitors to learn about the deep history of these rural, coastal communities, see working oyster farms, and sample the briny bivalves at restaurants who support them.

What’s So Special About North Carolina’s Oysters?
Savoring the NC Oyster Trail

The Trail includes over 75 members across the state that offer a wide variety of shellfish tourism experiences. Along the Trail, you can find seafood restaurants and markets, shellfish farm tours, recreational and educational activities, and special events highlighting N.C. oysters.

Oyster farming is hard work, but rewarding

Katherine McGlade loves oysters. In fact, she likes them so much that she left her successful environmental consulting business to pursue oyster farming.

Farm Fresh ~ Ghost Fleet Oyster Co.

Cody and Rachel Faison are farming oysters to reap a harvest they can sell. But that’s only one aspect of their Ghost Fleet Oyster Co. farm in Hampstead, North Carolina.

North Carolina’s Oysters Come Out of Their Shell

In the tradition of wine and ale trails, the state’s oyster trail aims to give the farmed shellfish industry a needed boost.

Check out the living shoreline that helps stop erosion

NC Coastal Federation set up a “living shoreline” in Carolina Beach state park in 2015, and holds occasional events to maintain the structure.
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