NC Oyster Week

Join us each October as we “shellebrate” the history, culture, economy, and ecology of oysters in North Carolina!

In 2022, NC Oyster Week will be October 10-16.

Oysters play an important role in coastal communities. In the environment, oysters improve water quality and create habitat for other animals. Their unique flavor makes them a desirable dish, supporting the livelihoods of watermen and local economies across the state. The N.C. Department of Natural and Cultural Resources, NC Oyster TrailNorth Carolina Sea Grant, and the NC Coastal Federation partner each year to bring you a week of oyster facts, resources, and programming.

We will be sharing on social media using the hashtags #NCOysterWeek #NCOysters #GiveAShuck.

In 2021…

Governor Roy Cooper officially declared North Carolina Oyster Week in a statewide proclamation. The “shellebration” featured 18 in-person and virtual events for the public to engage with oyster growers and harvesters, seafood restaurants, seafood retail markets, recreational outfitters, coastal conservation and education organizations, and seafood festivals.

Get in touch if you want to help make NC Oyster Week an even bigger success in 2022!

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